Digital Advertising

focused on 3 pillars:

AdWords + Bing
Do you want to achieve top rankings with standard search campaigns? Increase brand awareness by banner display in Google Display Network? Or maybe you manage an e-commerce and want to show your assortment to potential customers? These are only a small chunk of results which can be achieved through Google Adwords advertising. Our Google certified specialists will take care of your online presence in the most popular web browsers.
Latest research says that nearly 1.8 bilion people use the most popular social media service on the world. ⅔ of this audience visits Facebook regularly. Regardless of what vertical your business operates in, those are the numbers you can not simply ignore. We can find people who will be interested in your products/services, advise on the type of content you should be publishing and help you get new customers through Facebook advertising. We use sophisticated tools which enable us to test multiple variations and optimize campaigns in the blink of an eye.
You drive traffic to your website but can not seem to turn the visitors into customers? Here comes the remarketing. We start by segmenting your visitors and splitting them into various categories which reflect stage of the purchase funnel they are in. Then, we focus on creating ads tailored for each segment. Specially designed ads will then “chase” users across the web, eventually converting your visitors into customers. To put it simply – if you do not use remarketing, you are doing it wrong.

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Why AdHalo?

Because we focus on your business goals. We take time to know your business and discuss goals you want to achieve. Communication and deep understanding of online tools lets us choose the most suited methods to satisfy your needs.

We are passionate about online advertising and will do our best, regardless of the size and budget of your company. Our actions are fully scalable. Our offer is dedicated for medium/large sized companies, however, we have created separate department which focuses on cooperation with small businesses.  

Our agency is 100% client-oriented. We know that delivering good services to one company can result in acquiring several new clients. That is why we treat all of our clients equally.

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7 Steps

// Contact
// Setting business goals
// Strategy creation + service selection
// Confirmation
// Campaigns creation
// Ads management and optimization
// Reporting

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